I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering from N.T.U.A. (1990), a degree in Informatics (1991) and a D.E.A. in Artificial Intelligence (1992) from U.P.M.C.. While studying in Paris, I held a part-time job with G.S.I., working with Jean-Louis Laurière who was working on applying rule-based systems in a business setting. Back from the army, I worked for about half a year in the I.T. department of 3E – H.B.C. and then for around five years in a Greek company, ending up building the first Greek R.D.B.M.S. (the company is now defunct and its story is not to be found elsewhere but there). The only thing remaining from that era is TinyScheme, which I had the lucky inspiration to publish as Open Source. Then I moved on to Velti, where I run technology for its first mobile endeavors (TellMeNow and the Content Management System for VF Live) and then for the Mobile VAS department, starting with the first ever SMS campaigns in Ukraine and then with various other projects. I left around 2007 and worked for Agiltech working mostly on Crisis management (also building Pandamator on the side), then going to InternetQ in 2011 and stayed until 2013. I have also coauthored a book for high-school students.

I’m a freak for quantifiable arguments, and I also have a deep mistrust for any established wisdom that is not backed up by such.

I like any kind of advanced technology that can be employed to give an advantage, and of bold, rather than conservative, approaches to problem-solving. I do like problems to be solved, though, so, even if I’d like a Prolog-based solution better than a PHP-based one, I’d go with the PHP solution – at least until the Prolog one works out :-).


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